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Teaming up with like-minded individuals to be the change that we'd like to see in the world!

The World is Our Neighborhood (TWION.org). TWION is a 501(c)(3) volunteer (no salaries) charity working with the poor, elderly, mentally and physically challenged. Teaming up with like-minded individuals from around the world, TWION specializes in the relocation of fully functioning rooms of used medical equipment, supplies and furnishings to healthcare facilities, orphanages, clinics, health centers and nursing homes in other countries. Together, we work to raise the level of healthcare, building strong relationships based on teamwork, accountability, love and laughter!

TWION's on-going Project USA, provides coats, caps, shoes, school supplies and more to those who choose to team us with us and our US partners!

Other TWION projects include Learning Impact, Precious Lives, Gifts of Love, Blankets for Babies, and Soc it to Em.